Friday, May 30, 2008

Post Exam update!!

Hey Girls ...

Whoo ... long time since my last post. Haha finally exams are over over. And Guess what, my results cant go any worse. Wah haha ...

Oh Miss Woo and Miss Huang ... Since u girls werent there for my bdae ... shall post a photo just to update you and I'm 21 this year ...

Oh yes !!! The government has finally gave me a little bit of pocket money but I haven even collect it. Shall keep my pocket money til Oct.

Not much going on here .. but I'll be going to Thailand for just 3 days during this long long break. And you girls please keep posting ur new pics and keep the blog going on :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back from my easter trip!

heyhey everyone! i just came back from my easter break! i shall talk about Berlin in this post since it is the capital of Germany. Look at the beautiful train station Berlin Hauptbahnhof. It is the newest station in Germany and it is Big! Berlin is famous for let's see. Dönner and currywurst, Bratwurst. (Sausage and bread)

I went to the Olympiastadion where World cup was played! Beautiful! but i heard that Munich stadium is still the best. i haven't been there yet but definitely i'll go! Can't wait for my Chelsea match!

Berlin Dom.

The Reichstag. This is where decisions regarding country matters are made. Its a must-go when you're in Berlin!
Inside the Reichstag!

Not to forget, we withstand the cold outside the Reichstag for almost 1 and 1/2 hour! 
Finally inside!

The Berlin Wall. I like this one: "No more wars. No more walls. A united world."
Great grafitti.

I wrote on the wall too! Hopefully i can find it the next time i come back.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dropping By!

Hi you 2 girls!

Been awhile I haven't dropped by here! Life is fine, now only busy with mostly prep for exams! Hehe super boring I'm telling you. Zhenle I'm envying you, so lucky, can be in such a whole new other beautiful country!! Heheh. Great that you have Skype! I have it too, one day can 'call' you over there. ;)

So you get to watch vcd there too? Wow cool and smart! Heheh, you brought videos over or you rented from there? I don't suppose Germany rents out Japanese videos? Heheh or you watch online! I didn't know you watch Japanese series! So did Kenso and Rei end up together? Jump to the ending first, hehe.

Hey! Wow you visited other parts of Europe already? Cool! The street of France looks so pretty. The pictures look so yummy. Wow. Patissier looks so tempting. Even the word sounds classy. Haha. I really like the bright array of all those colours of those cakes? Tarts? Yummy stuff! And no way you don't bore me! I enjoy reading them a lot. Germany looks like a place full of historical buildings with exquisite architecture, and seems like it's also filled with many old churches, from all the pictures I've seen from you! It looks beautiful. The nature is very lovely too. Are there any lakes there? Heheh.

So Linting updated about news previously, let me continue as well.. News from here! Heheh. Actually lately seems like all rather bad news, you might not want to know. Or do you already know? Never mind, just inform u so u will know what is going on.

1) Actually is Hong Kong news. Fei Fei has passed on, after struggling for her sickness for awhile now. There were many news on it, and even Live telecast from the Hong Kong channel in remembrance of her. Her daughter, Xin Yi (I always call it in Cantonese, which is 'Yan Yi') is really well-supported by a lot of people. Her father, Zheng Shao Qiu though, wasn't allowed to attend the funeral. Sad thing.

2) Another piece of news in Hong Kong which happened at about the same time as the news about Fei Fei, is the Edison Chen news! Do you know of what has happened already? It's such a big thing, wonder if you in Germany have heard of it. Anyway, shall comment no further on this since it is not so nice! But all in all, I am only upset for my dear Bobo Chan! You remember her? She is someone I like. She got innocently dragged in. And in the end, Edison Chen has left the HK entertainment industry. Hai. So serious.

Ok that's it for now.

As for my own news, the 'highest' so far is that I went Kbox last week… and sang until 3am!! For the first time ever! Haha must be crazy. Still remember with Zhenle once we sang till about 1am right? But never so late before, until now. And we started at 8pm. Don't know how too! But it was very fun. Girls, you must listen to more Cantonese songs, they are really so nice!!

Ok and another thing I do when I'm not studying is read my Harry Potter book. Heheh. I know I'm so slow, I am still reading part 7 now. Harry is still looking for Horcruxes to destroy Voldermort. And Ron is getting so short-tempered during these parts where I'm reading! Sad thing, cos I like Ron! My favourite. But Harry is really very cool as you read the adventures they go through. So coool. I wish I did not have to keep stopping in my reading due to exams! Haha ok sorry. I get carried away when it comes to Harry Potter. Here are some pictures for u to enjoy! ;)

Hermione looks so pretty! She is rated top 50 most beautiful women in American magazines.

Another great shot of 3 of them.

I love the last 2 shots of the posters. Mysterious. Heheh. Alright, shall get back to studying now. Shall post up here again soon! Take care my dears!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

talking about dramas!

heyhey! haha yup i've just finished watching this japanese drama "proposal Daisakusen". Initially after watching the first 15 mins, i thought it was a stupid show. And it turns out that the concept behind the time slip is stupid but other than that it was fine. 

Its about this guy (kenso) who attended his childhood friend cum first love (Rei) wedding. As he looked at the wedding slides with their pictures, he regretted how he always made Rei angry and failed to confess his true feelings for her. And that she ended up marrying another guy. So this fairy in the church where the wedding was held (haha, told you this story is stupid. how can there exist a male fairy!) decides to help the kenso by allowing him to go back into the past to change his fate... and then u guys shld watch from here! 
haha i have watched more drama shows and ate more ice-cream here than when i'm in s'pore. so ironic especially for the ice-cream crave. haha. but the ice-cream i ate today (hazel nut) tastes very good! oops fattening! I would sometimes miss banmian =) and normal drinks like chin chow and soya bean. 

Oh i have skype already! talked to my family with that and best thing is that its free! yay! Last friday i went to Wissembourg (in France) with my semester ticket (so the train ride was free). The town is exceptionally peaceful and quiet. but the best thing about it is that it has many Patissier. and the pastries look soo beautiful. =) don't drool. hehe. the first pic is my cake!

And today i went to Mainz, just an hour 15 mins away from where i stay. They have many churches and a Dom there. But one of my friends who went along was ill. So it was quite tiring for her. In the end se rested in an ice-cream cafe. that was where i ate a yummy hazel nut ice-cream cone!

ok thats about all! shall put up more pics the next time!
and hope i dun bore u guys!
ps: sarah linting, jiayou for revision! 
ps: sharn, welcome to our blog! hehe =D

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ting's 2nd Post !

Hey Girls ... its Singapore 23:35pm now on 24 Feb 08

Surfing the net at this moment, so thot I'll just post a few things to prove that I'm alive somewhere ..

News (personal) .. Miss Ong Lin Ting is officially on recess week starting 25 Feb for a week .. Please Do not disturb for her grade is already atrocious

News (Regional) .. Inflation in Spore is up again. And my dear Prime Minister Lee happily announced that he believed it'll be higher this quarter
(@** Faint **@)

News (Global) .. Yeah ... We've won the Youth Olympic for 2010. So cool right! Will hardly be a youth anymore when its 2010 but I'm still so excited for the event.
Thats a good start to show how economy is still more impt than atomic bomb. Haha since we won Moscow ...

Okay ! End of my ridiculous news. Lets get on to some random pics of the day !

Pic 1 of the day .. beautiful night view of the Singapore FLyer.

Last meeting before ZhenLe flew off .. shall not post that stupid hot pot pic. This is a nicer memory.

Pic 2 .. better view of the Flyer (I must get on it someday ... )

Pic 3 .. My New Year

Din take any new year photo ... but this, taken on the third day of new year.
Me n my fren Adelynn ..
We've won a cutie rat each to start the new year ( spent around $20 each at those game machine where u scoop some sweets and push the rest down !!)

Pic 4 .. My 3 in 1 printer

Finally got myself a long waited printer. Coz my previous one had a lizard committed suicide in it. So ~~
This one is really cool. Excellent scanning n printing ! Haha ... love it !!

Pic 5 .. myself

A random ugly pic of mine to cheer up your day ...
Must miss me k?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yoowhoo girls!

It's been awhile that this blog has been stagnant! Haven't heard from you girls! How's life so far?

Zhenle, started school already right? How's the first week been? Did you love it? I'm sure you did! Have you made new German friends? Heh. How are the people there? How is your school? What are you studying there? I hope you enjoy your time studying there! It's a rare and special opportunity to have a taste of studying overseas, not everyone will have that chance! So must treasure your every moment there!

How are you coping with being in a foreign country so far? Are you gradually getting used to it? Are you missing stuffs in Singapore? Don't worry so much about stuffs in Singapore ok? Everything will be fine! :) Are you still enjoying lots of good food there? Heheh.

And Linting! I always ka-jiao you to blog, you must find me very naggy right? Heheh. Zhenle, Linting says she don't know what to blog about. So you must post her questions for her to answer! Then she will have no choice but to blog. Haha.. So Linting, let me start off first. What are you up to these days?? Which show are you watching now?

I've been watching so much tv these days. So guilty. Zhenle do you watch much tv there? Every night from 7 to 10 I have date with the tv. Bad bad! Now channel 55 have nice shows again! 9pm is the best, because there's Bosco again! Lol. This time his character is very special and different from his usual charming, cute or boyish role. In this show he is acting as someone with inferior complexity. So he's always hiding his face and he gets very uncomfortable around company. But slowly he will grow into someone who is very confident and talented in 1 thing: Gambling. He has this special skill which is that he can memorise the position of cards. Linting, do you know what show I'm talking about? Haha. This show is cool, you get to see a totally different Bosco. It also starrs Bobby Ouyang and Xuan Xuan. She is so natural in this show, I like her. Sorry, too tv-drama. Haha. Anyway the title of the show is 赌场风云.

Other than that, I've been camping out behind my books! Not much life but no choice. Heh. I will try to watch the new movies and update you girls how is it k. You know there's a new Jay Chou movie? Called Kung-fu dunk. Seems like he can fly while playing basketball. Yea sounds quite lame? I don't know! Linting did u watch it? I'm hoping to watch Chang Jiang 7 Hao. New Stephan Chow movie, heard it's very funny. And there's 1 more movie directed by Jack Neo again, Ah Long Pte Ltd. Fann Wong acts as a 'Lao Da'. Don't know how that goes too! ;)

Ok gonna study now! Ciao!

Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY updates!

Hello girls! Sarah here! Heheh.. Sorry it took me awhile to fill u girls up here! Thanks for all your blog entries and pics Zhenle! I enjoy reading about them and checking out the pictures. :) Germany looks great! Everything about it looks wonderful. I can imagine how excited u must have been upon arrival! The place looks very beautiful. I like the place where u took the pic with Charmaine, with the clock behind. It looks so cosy. And the bald trees behind are a plus factor! ;)

And wow! All the great food! Thanks for all the intro! And making me drool too. Donners look nice! And currywurst too. I can't believe the basket can be eaten too! It's way COOL. It looks yum. Does it taste yum? The place Grimminger looks nice! You seem to be enjoying lots of great food! Good for you! Must eat to your heart's content! Heheh. And your hair looks wavier too! The weather?

Anyway! I promised to update u on my CNY! So here it is! :) Well, as usual, on chinese new year's eve, we went to my grandma's place for reunion dinner. We had steamboat like every year! But this year I ate even more than last year! It's so yummy. I love the soup and the fishcake tofu!

Then after that, of course we can't miss out-- Mahjong! Tradition during reunions. ;) Even my little cousin Jovin is learning it! It was fun.

And here's a pic of my doggie Tobie! In her red shirt too! Looking so busy walking here and there. Heheh.

The next day, was 初一! I slept in and when I woke, went to wish my mum Happy New Year! And then wore new clothes. Heheh.. After that, we visited our grandma's place again! Went over there and had GREAT food. My grandma's food is always the BEST!

And collected HongBaos although not a lot, but good enough! It was just a simple chinese new year and I enjoyed it! Took some pictures with my grandma and all my cousins here!

And there's my dog too!

I'm sure Zhenle your family had collected lots of HongBaos for you. And you can get it when you get back! Heh heh... Enjoy relaxing there! Update us more on good places and good food each day you find something that you particularly like!

My prelim exams are coming. I didn't expect it to be so soon! It starts on 28th Feb until 11th March. Hope I can study enough in time for it! Will be mugging hard, plus a bit of tv (hehe can't miss that out. Hk show 千谎百计 is nice! So exciting. Have my Bosco baby too. Hehe! ) So you girls study hard too! Take care!